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Honeycomb Self-Extinguishing Safety Ashtrays :

The Akeron Honeycomb Safety Ashtrays are ashtrays lined with a honeycomb interior designed to extinguish cigarette ends immediately after they are thrown away. Our Honeycomb Safety Ashtrays are used in thousands of homes, hotels, ships, public buildings, tanker fleets, etc ... everywhere where safety is of prime importance.

Designed for safety & durability and tested by the British Safety Council.

Lit cigarette end are caught in the honeycomb, which cuts off their air supply, avoiding lingering cigarette end smells, and preventing the risk of fire. Honeycomb Safety Ashtrays may be expensive, but they save lives .

We supply three different models of Honeycomb Safety Ashtray :
o The Plastic Honeycomb Table Ashtray (HC 59P) *
o The Metal Honeycomb Table Ashtray (HC 59M)
o The Metal Honeycomb Wall Ashtray (HC 59W)

* our most popular model.

Each is available in a choice of colours or finishes.

We are the only company producing these particular models.

Further details of each one are below, along with a price list and links to other pages on this website.

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Plastic Honeycomb Table Ashtray (HC 59P)

Produced in a high-grade plastic.
Dimensions : Length 90 mm x Width 95 mm x Height 60 mm

Available in a choice of colours :
o Black  (our most popular colour)
o Red
o Green
o Plus Others Available Upon Request

Each includes :
- a detachable base, for easy cleaning

Please note : Black is available in any quantity whilst other colours can only be ordered in large quantities.

Metal Honeycomb Table Ashtray (HC 59M)

This is an unbreakable ashtray, larger than the plastic one.

Produced in a hard-wearing alloy.
Dimensions : Length 90 mm x Width 95 mm x Height 80 mm

Available in a choice of finishes :
o Silver/Sherardised
o Chrome

Each includes :
- a detachable honeycomb insert
- a detachable base, for easy cleaning
- rubber mounts, giving an excellent grip on any surface

Metal Honeycomb Wall Ashtray (HC 59W)

This wall-mounted ashtray is ideal for public buildings, toilets, ships, etc.

Produced in a choice of stainless steel or mild steel.
Dimensions : Length 130 mm x Width 65 mm x Height 60 mm
The stainless steel version is rust-proof.
The mild steel version is available in any colour of your choice.

Both wall versions include :
- a detachable honeycomb insert, for easy cleaning

Price List

Plastic Honeycomb Table Ashtray HC 59P £ 12.95 each For 1 to 5
"" HC 59P £ 11.95 each For 6 to 10
"" HC 59P £ 10.95 each For 11 to 20
"" HC 59P £ 10.50 each For 21 to 50
"" HC 59P £ 10.25 each For 51 to 100
"" HC 59P £ 9.95 each For 101 to 200
"" HC 59P £ 9.75 each For 201 to 500
"" HC 59P £ 9.25 each For 501 to 1000
"" HC 59P £ 8.50 each 1001 and Over
Metal Honeycomb Table Ashtray HC 59M Please Enquire Please Enquire
Metal Honeycomb Wall Ashtray HC 59W "" ""

Please note all prices are quoted in UK pounds due to currency fluctuations.
For other currencies please enquire.

Please enquire for shipping.

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